"The Buck Stops Here" (ca. 1930)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Apr 20 02:58:34 UTC 2005

>.... Anyhow, one issue of said magazine some time in the '30s included a
>short story which alluded to a top segeant on whose desk top was a little
>plaque bearing the motto, "The Buck Stops Here," a saying now universally
>associated with Pres. Harry S Truman in the period 1945-52.

N'archive has such a slogan on the desk of a colonel in a photo on p. "26"
of the _Reno Evening Gazette_ dated 1 Oct. 1942.

Probably the slogan, along with the buck, moved up through the ranks as
time went by.

-- Doug Wilson

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