"The Buck Stops Here" (ca. 1930)

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Wed Apr 20 03:16:41 UTC 2005

JOYSTICKS--Probably related to "joy ride," a popular term in the early days of the automobile in the 1900s.
OUR ARMY--The NYPL has this and--guess what kids?--it's off-site!
Call #VWA+ (Our Army)
TitleOur Army.
ImprintPhiladelphia, Pa. : Our Army, Inc., 1928-

I also read through several issues of it. I'll try to order it on Wednesday, which means that I will return to the NYPL on Saturday, and no one will find it, and after an hour and a search by ten librarians, they'll find it filed under my first name. Happens EVERY time.
If someone in this group can actually do a favor for me, I wrote this book on the "hot dog," and actually the work is ten years old now, and an ADS member like H. L. Mencken would have discussed it about ten years ago, and no one at the New York Times will listen to me, but they have a weekly column on language, and a weekly section on food, and a daily section on New York--nah, forget it.

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