Ice cream names (racist or Nazi?)

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Wed Apr 20 13:15:54 UTC 2005

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> PUT THE BAG ON--Yes, it's almost certainly from "feed bag." I think
> I've discussed this once before. But it always sounds awkward.
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> This article (yesterday) is an interesting summary of "Nogger Black"
> and "88." With photos.
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The first thing that crossed my mind was "nog" as in "eggnog." As
European ads featuring material that might be taken to be (caricatured,
insulting) references to blacks go, I found ads for the German
"Eskimo-Pie"-type of confection, "Kalter Kuss," much more insulting.
Shades of the "Gold-Dust Twins," "Sho' Is Fine," "Chore Boy," and
"Chore Girl"!  Even in the '50's in the States, no one would have come
up with such a caricature as the "Kalter-Kuss-Neger" outside of a KKK

-Wilson Gray

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