"The Buck Stops Here" (ca. 1930)

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Apr 24 17:36:16 UTC 2005

There is a cite from 1848 for "buck knife" at APS online.  It's a story
about Australia.

Sam Clements

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> "Buck" knife in current parlance seems to mean a fixed blade knife or
> locking blade folder, but it seems to be of fairly recent vintage (the
> company, which makes quite a high grade product, at
> http://www.buckknives.com/ dates itself to 1902).  Is there reason to
> belive
> the expression antedates the company?
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> From: "Laurence Horn" <laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>
> One is that the "buck" in question that designated the current dealer
> is (as I understand it, although that's not part of the HDAS entry)
> the handle of a buck knife (with the blade presumably pointing away
> from the dealer).

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