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James C Stalker stalker at MSU.EDU
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I did a google search for "post hole toad."  The only, singular site was a
porno site,

So what was the context of this phrase?


Roger Shuy writes:

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>> Roger Shuy writes:
>>> ........."That's deeper than a post-hole toad." .... I've never heard this
>>> one before >or since and even the native Texan lawyers I worked with
>>> couldn't remember >ever having heard it.
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~
>> I wonder if this was simply meant to suggest a degree of trouble.  A toad
>> that had fallen into a deep hole as narrow as a post-hole digger produces
>> might well be unable to get out.
>> A. Murie
> I think you're right but I'm actually less interested in the meaning than in
> the extent of the use of this expression. These taped speakers used other
> colorful language throughout (most of which I was at least familiar), but
> I'd never heard this one before and was just asking the list if they had.
> I'm getting the impression that "deeper than a post-hole toad" was just a
> one-time colorful way of saying something otherwise more prosaic like
> "really in this thing deep."
> roger

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