Re:       Re: How did we miss this one? (the "whizzinator")

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Mon Apr 25 01:53:03 UTC 2005

In a message dated 4/24/05 3:44:38 PM, SClements at NEO.RR.COM writes:

> a Google cache of the trademark/infringement case between the
> "Urinator"(1998) and the "Whizzinator."  The Tennessee company seems to
> think they have a leg up on the whizz guys.
> Strikes me as just a pissing match.

This actually seems to have to do with a dispute (in 2001) about domain 
names, not trademarks; since Whizzinator is still using <>, the Google cache (which seems to conclude with an order that Whizzinator 
surrender its domain name to Urinator) seems to deal with an earlier stage of 
the dispute.

For a look at the Urinator, see their web page ( Unlike 
the Whizzinator, which is shaped like a penis, the Urinator is just a white 
plastic tube.

As a candidate for genericide, "urinator" seems much more likely than 
"whizzinator," since "urinator" is rather blandly descriptive, whereas "whizzinator" 
takes a certain imaginative leap to understand. 

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