the meaning of ''developed from''

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Mon Apr 25 13:29:57 UTC 2005

The meaning of "developed from" is not clear here. How many people knew that
FRIG meant masturbate? How many people would use the redundant reflexive "Go
frig yourself!" when "Go frig!" would do?

If what wuxxmupp means is that, historically, somewhere somebody said "Go
frig yourself!" before anyone ever in the history of the planet said "Go fuck
yourself!" then his is doubtless an unconfirmable hyposthesis. If what he means
is that, historically, nobody could have thought to say "Go fuck yourself!"
unless he or she had first heard, "Go frig yourself!" then I disagree.

Or maybe he meant something else that I am missing here?

In a message dated 4/25/05 8:30:34 AM, wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM writes:

> My feeling has always been that "GFY" underlies "GCY," but there is an
> understandable lack of early written records.
> Indeed, I've always felt that "Go fuck yourself" may have developed from "Go
> frig yourself," since that, in the older sense of "frig," is at least is
> physiologically possible.

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