"gaze' for "graze"

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Mon Apr 25 21:17:04 UTC 2005

A black woman on the Judge Joe Brown Show: "I ducked and the hammer
just gazed my temple." She continued to use "gaze" until the judge
finally corrected her.

FWIW, your humble correspondent, in like manner, once regularly used
"enroach," until, one day, he suddenly noticed that there was another
word, "encroach," with precisely the same meaning and syntactic
features as "enroach," causing him to ask himself, "How can this be?!"
He resorted to MW for the solution.

In a slanging match between two standardE-speaking young
European-American women on the same TV show, one says, "Judge, she's
such a slut that she had slept with five guys by the time she was
thirteen!" The other replies, "So what? You don't even know who your
babydaddy (an arbitrary respelling) is!"

Is "babydaddy" becoming the new "coowul"?

-Wilson Gray

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