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> The English of persons like those who used to spell it "f--g" because it 
> was dirty.  Maybe Grant or Jesse have access to some extra exx.
> One might compare 19th C. "Take them away and frig them!" in HDAS, spelled 
> in full because _The Pearl_ was that kind of publication.
> JL

It is not easy to conclude from the HDAS citations for "frig" or "f--g" that 
very many of them have to do with masturbation rather than as euphemistic 
references to "fuck"--or as simply a synonym for "fuck." Many of them have to do 
with manual stimulation of the vagina or anal cavity, rather than the penis. 
The noun "frig" is listed as apparently not a US use at all. None of the cites 
is of the relevant form (Go) frig you(rself!)."

I just don't understand how, given the relative paucity of "frig" cites 
(vis-a-vis the enormous popularity of "fuck" in American English) AND the 
questionable nature of most of the cites, one can conclude that "(Go) frig you(rself!)" 
is a significant source--in any meaninful sense--of (Go) fuck you(rself!)"   
I do not deny the possibility that someone, sometime, might have uttered the 
phrase "Go frig yourself!" and meant it to be taken as an insult parallel to 
"Go spank your monkey!" But that does not support the hypothesis this particular 
relatively rare form, "frig" = 'masturbate', should be given any special 
status as the form from which (Go) fuck you(rself)" developed. Why not "flog" or 
"fag" or "flick" or "prick" or "pluck"? Why not "hang" ("Go hang yourself")?

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