gigung(o)us, gigund(o)us, gigunda, gigundo

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>"Gigundo" is by far the most popular form these days, according to Google,
>Technorati, et al.  Perhaps there's some influence from the faux-Spanish
>suffix "-amundo" (dating back to Arthur Fonzarelli's "correctamundo").

And influencing the thus-far-unrecorded _exactamundo_ (1990, or perhaps

My native Britain has a complex network of narrow, twisty roads and a
less-complex network of motorways along which pass a much higher density
of traffic than America will ever see. National speed limits are on
average 5 mph faster than here and the maximum is 70 mph on divided
highways.  Why, then, has Great Britain (officially) the world's best
accident record?  Could it be because they are better drivers?
Exactamundo.  Trevor Mees, “Send Them To School,” AutoWeek (Nexis), April
23, 1990, p 16

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