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This is cute:
This site is interesting. We discussed the "Sig Alert." Do any of these suggest "New York" for my website?
Sig Alert

An unplanned lane closure of thirty minutes or more. If an accident or hazardous situation is expected to take more than a half hour to clear, a Sig Alert will be issued to alert motorists to unusually heavy traffic. The term "Sig Alert" is unique to Southern California traffic. It was created by Loyd Sigmon, a Southern California broadcaster, looking for a way to attract more listeners to his radio station. He developed a system for authorities to deliver news about unusual or hazardous traffic conditions over the radio. The first Sig Alert was delivered Labor Day weekend in 1955. (For more about sig alerts, see the CHP Sig Alert Page.)

Traffic Advisory (Also known as "Traffic Alert".)

Traffic is very congested in a particular area, however no lanes are blocked. This can be due to an earlier accident that has been cleared, holiday travelers heading out of town, or spectators heading to an event.

Bumper to Bumper

Extremely slow traffic. Also known as "B to B".


A car on fire.

Collector Road

Lanes that run along side the "mainline" of the freeway used by cars entering and/or exiting the freeway.

Diamond Lane

Car pool, or high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.

Exit Lane

A freeway lane that ends at an off ramp. Motorists who wish to continue along the freeway must move out of an exit lane or else they will be taken off the freeway.

Fender Bender

A minor accident, where no one is seriously hurt.

Gore Point

The triangle strip of land on in between a freeway on-ramp and the mainline of the freeway.

Jacknifed Big Rig

When a semi truck's cab and trailer become kinked and the big rig driver is unable to straighten it out.


The main lanes of a freeway. Used to distinguish between an off ramp or exit lane.

Road Rage

When a motorist becomes angry due to another driver's actions.

Rubbernecker (Also known as a "lookie-loo".)

A motorist who slows down to see what is going on at the scene of an accident.

Slow & Go

Pockets of slowing. When vehicles speed up, then slow down, then speed up again along a busy highway.

Spectator Slowing

When traffic is busy because "rubberneckers" are slowing down to see what is going on at the scene of an accident.


A motorist who is following the vehicle in front of them too closely.

Traffic Tipster

A person who spots a trouble spot on the highway and calls in to alert the traffic reporter.


Short for "too many cars". Or, "Traffic Management Center", a division of the US Department of Transportation that manages traffic and road conditions.

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