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>  OED has Dec 1915.
>  The Times of London.  Saturday, Nov 20, 1915; pg. 10; Issue 41017; col A
>  "Survivors From The Anglia. A Talk With Rescued Soldiers., Message From
>  The King. "
>  "He was on his way home suffering from shell shock, the result of a
>  chance shot into a group of men engaged in sapping operations."

Look in the ADS-L archives (or I can send you the relevant material if you
prefer) for a thread "Newspaper interview request" beginning on 3/25/2003.  This
thread includes the following antedatings:
     1915 _N.Y. Times_ 30 Oct. 2
     Lancet, issue of July 10, 1915,
     Lancet, issue of February 13, 1915
along with a lengthy discussion of whether the citations referred to the
psychological condition now called "battle fatigue" or "post-traumatic-stress
disorder" or to the physical effects of artillery fire.

     - James A. Landau

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