Slam Dunk (1969)

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21 December 1969, Los Angeles Times, WEST magazine, pg. 19, col. 3:

For the first time, West's three sons, David, 8, Michael, 7, and Mark, 6, are beginning to show an interest in sports. But they prefer Chamberlain to their father because he can slam dunk a basketball "and Dad can't." Their appreciation for a man who can shoot better than just about anyone, dribble superbly, pass effectively and play great defense may come later.

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> ProQuest has this only in abstract form, but it appears that
> "slam dunk" is mentioned in the Los Angeles Times (as
> expected) on December 21, 1969, beating the evil Ben Zimmer
> by seven days. I can check it in the NYPL later today if
> anyone wishes.

Well, if you're offering....


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