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Mon Aug 1 14:35:56 UTC 2005

I suggest that anyone who wants to order #13 and #14 check the web site. 
There is an order form there. #14 is not yet listed on the order form. The cost 
for #13 is $20 PLUS $2 SHIPPING. Plus sales tax. Plus an additional charge for 
credit card orders.

In a message dated 7/31/05 4:56:50 PM, gcohen at UMR.EDU writes:

>    A few days ago I received the latest issue of Maledicta  (#13; 
> 1997-2004), reissued after a lapse of some eight years. This is a very welcome 
> development, and anyone interested in seeing the publication continue might want to 
> subscribe and possibly consider making a donation of whatever amount. The 
> cost for the next issue of  Maledicta, #14,  is $20 (with $1.50 sales tax for 
> California adresses only).  I have no financial stake in this venture.
>     Maledicta is the only publication that focuses on 
> curses/obscenities/etc.--the non-genteel part of language but one of its very important aspects. 
> The present volume, for example, contains articles on insults in Romani, some 
> terms for women at an Australian military academy, vocabulary from a West 
> Indian's men's room, some Bulgarian insults, etc. etc. The volume--despite its 
> scholarly treatments (with some less than scholarly items occasionally thrown 
> in) --is strictly X-rated.  I once published an article in it myself
> ("In a Pig's Eye and Related Expressions"), and in my Etymology class I 
> devote a lecture to Aman and Maledicta.
>       Some years ago Aman was wiped out financially in a bitter divorce 
> case, and in an introduction to the present volume he speaks openly of his bout 
> with depression.  There may be a tendency to take the continued publication of 
> his work for granted, but nothing is certain here. Reinhold (or "Rey," as 
> he's often called) in any case has my best wishes, and I'll have a check in the 
> mail by Monday.
> Gerald Cohen
> P.S. Aman's email address is aman at, and his website is 
> His address is: Reinhold Aman/Maledicta Press/P.O. Box 
> 14123/Santa Rosa, CA 95402-6123/USA.

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