"Shouldn't ought"--and "might oughta"

Chris F Waigl cwaigl at FREE.FR
Tue Aug 2 11:44:38 UTC 2005

Laurence Horn wrote:

>I don't have "might oughta" either, and do have "shouldn't oughta" at
>least passively, but my inference from the field work and reading I
>did once on multiple modal dialects is that "might" in modal
>sequences virtually always (i) occurs first in the sequence and (ii)
>is paraphrasable by "maybe" or "perhaps", as a wide-scope epistemic.
>So this would be "Mebbe you (etc.) oughta..."
I'm currently looking at bits of speech, and found "would might" in a
recorded lecture by Paul Krugman on social security a minute ago:

And you would might wanna ask you know do- do we have an - are we in
general raising enough money as a government to pay for hurricane relief

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