"hall of fame"

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 "hall of shame" (Not in OED)
The Atlanta Constitution; Oct 21, 1900; pg. A4 col 5.
"From the way the judges are discriminating it will come to be referred
to as the Hall of Shame."

 "walk of fame" (Not in OED)

New York Times; May 19, 1930; pg. 27 col 8.
"Stones from the homes of Herbert Hoover, Thomas A. Edison, Woodrow
Wilson, General Lafayette, William Jennings Bryan and Joel Chandler
Harris have been added to the Rollins College Memorial Walk of Fame,
President Hamilton Holt announced today."

more "Hall of Fame"

"Editor's-Correspondence. Dewitt Clinton"
The Literary Journal, and Weekly Register of Science and the Arts; Feb
1, 1834; 1, 35; pg. 276 col 2.
"It was not a blind and restless desire to force himself upon the world,
whether worthy or unworthy of that world's favor -- itw was not that
feverish enthusiasm which is excited by the love of the popular
applause, and which dies away, when that object has been attained:  --
but it was an ambition to tread in the high halls of Fame, with a proud
conciousness of having earned the distinction, only as the reward of
deserving merit."

Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature, Art, and Fashion
(1844-1858); Sep 1850; VOL. XXXVII., No. 3.; pg. 142
"I thought when I was dead, if not before --
(I hoped before!) -- to have a noble name
To leave my eager foot-prints on the shore
And rear my statue in the halls of Fame!"

[the above two cites, and perhaps the 1842 one I submitted earlier,
probably refer to the classical goddess Fame (Pheme in Greek, Fama in
Roman myth), who had a house filled with statues of celebrated poets and
writers; Chaucer wrote of it in "House of Fame" ]

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