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At 10:13 AM -0500 8/2/05, Mullins, Bill wrote:
>  "hall of shame" (Not in OED)

...and then there's "walk of shame".  Any early cites, presumably
from campus-based novels or Connie Eble's or Pam Munro's college
slang material?


>The Atlanta Constitution; Oct 21, 1900; pg. A4 col 5.
>"From the way the judges are discriminating it will come to be referred
>to as the Hall of Shame."
>  "walk of fame" (Not in OED)
>New York Times; May 19, 1930; pg. 27 col 8.
>"Stones from the homes of Herbert Hoover, Thomas A. Edison, Woodrow
>Wilson, General Lafayette, William Jennings Bryan and Joel Chandler
>Harris have been added to the Rollins College Memorial Walk of Fame,
>President Hamilton Holt announced today."
>more "Hall of Fame"
>"Editor's-Correspondence. Dewitt Clinton"
>The Literary Journal, and Weekly Register of Science and the Arts; Feb
>1, 1834; 1, 35; pg. 276 col 2.
>"It was not a blind and restless desire to force himself upon the world,
>whether worthy or unworthy of that world's favor -- itw was not that
>feverish enthusiasm which is excited by the love of the popular
>applause, and which dies away, when that object has been attained:  --
>but it was an ambition to tread in the high halls of Fame, with a proud
>conciousness of having earned the distinction, only as the reward of
>deserving merit."
>Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature, Art, and Fashion
>(1844-1858); Sep 1850; VOL. XXXVII., No. 3.; pg. 142
>"I thought when I was dead, if not before --
>(I hoped before!) -- to have a noble name
>To leave my eager foot-prints on the shore
>And rear my statue in the halls of Fame!"
>[the above two cites, and perhaps the 1842 one I submitted earlier,
>probably refer to the classical goddess Fame (Pheme in Greek, Fama in
>Roman myth), who had a house filled with statues of celebrated poets and
>writers; Chaucer wrote of it in "House of Fame" ]

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