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An article (I can't find it now) talked about "subway bag searches and other feelsafe methods." Maybe it was "feel-safe." A reflection, surely, of "failsafe."
FACTIVA shows some product names using this.
HOME SECURITY // Burglaries in Hillsborough trigger interest in electronic protection

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13 September 1987
St. Petersburg Times
(Copyright 1987)

TAMPA - On cats' feet, one or more burglars have entered several northwest Hillsborough County houses in the last month to steal money and merchandise - often, while the homeowners slept.
Areas reporting the most burglaries were Town 'N Country and Carrollwood. The thief or thieves typically entered through an open door or window and walked away with small amounts of cash or goods that could be easily sold, such as a videocassette recorder or a camera.
In response to the burglaries, some homeowners have decided to install home security systems.
``We've installed maybe two or three systems so far because of (the burglaries),`` said John Diskin, president of AlarmTronics Security Systems Inc. in Town 'N Country. ``Burglars are our best advertising, I think.``
Diskin said his company has installed several ``Feelsafe`` systems in the Town 'N Country area since the burglaries began. The system features entry by a five-digit code, which is punched into a keypad, usually installed by the front door. If any of six specified areas of the house (usually sliding glass doors, windows and doors) are tampered with, a computer voice warns the intruder that the police have been called and a siren begins to sound in a series inside and outside the house.
It's good that I'm not up against "mom" for Manhattan Borough President. Maybe the Village Voice will ask me where babies come from?
Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2005
Mom doesn't have all the answers

Kathy Nichols Out of My Mind

Afriend of mine was on vacation recently with her 7-year-old son and two daughters, and was having a perfectly fine time until one night when they were singing songs around the campfire.
For no apparent reason, her son turned to her and asked seriously, "Mom, what is the meaning of life, anyway?"
It's a question that's hard to answer, even under the best of circumstances.
One skill parents must acquire, once their offspring start talking, is the ability to answer questions. There will be lots of them -- of that you can be sure.
First of all, there are the basic, ordinary questions of life, such as "Where's my backpack?" and "What's for dinner?"
Then there are the questions about how things work and why is this thing the way it is. Such as, "Why is the sky blue?" and "Why is New York City called the Big Apple?" and "What does a distributor cap do?"
Also the inevitable "Where do babies come from?" -- but that almost goes without saying.

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