Sweet Sixteen

Michael McKernan mckernan at LOCALNET.COM
Wed Aug 3 18:03:54 UTC 2005

Barry Popik wrote:

>December 26, 1792    December 26, 1792 The Diary, or Loudon's Register,
>pg. 3: DiaryPoetry
>December 26, 1792    DiaryPoetry The blooming maid of sweet sixteen,
>And clap'd by all fair Beauty's queen,
>She left her parent's home.


Bill Mullins wrote:
>  c1840 O. W. HOLMES The Dilemma 2 Now, by the bless'd Paphian queen,
>Who heaves the breast of sweet sixteen.
>sweet seventeen: see SEVENTEEN a. 2; now more usually, sweet sixteen
>(cf. SIXTEEN n. 4);
>1826 Blackw. Edin. Mag. XX. 138/1 A bright-eyed, round-limbed virgin of
>*sweet sixteen. 1898 J. THORNTON (song-title) When you were sweet
>sixteen. 1977 Grimsby Even. Tel. 5 May 12/3 Unfortunately everybody
>can't be sweet 16 and there are many shops catering for the older woman.

Thanks, Bill and Barry.  I appreciate your time and courtesy.

Michael McKernan

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