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shrimp boil

An event:
"Louisiana Brevities"
 Texas | Port Arthur | The Port Arthur News | 1939-10-18 p. 6 col 4.
"A shrimp boil for all members of Stanley Martin Post of the American
Legion was staged at the Legion Home, it was
announced by Commander L. A. Comeaux. "

A foodstuff:

Farmers Market Today
Mrs. Fred Beck
Los Angeles Times; Feb 13, 1953; pg. 4 col 1.
"Another wonderful item in the same sphere is Rex Brand "Crab and Shrimp
Boil."  This is a delightful blending of spices and herbs, of peppers
and seeds, to be added to the water when cooking green shrimps or making

crab boil
a foodstuff
[advertisement for Van Macs seafoods]
Texas | Harlingen | Valley Morning Star | 1946-11-08 p. 16 col 2.
"Louisiana Special Crab Boil.  Excellent Seasoning for Shrimp, Crab and
Other Seafoods."

crab boil
an event
Chicago Daily Tribune; Jun 26, 1952; pg. 5 col 2.
"It will be celebrated with, among other things, a crab boil in New
Orleans; a watermelon party in Marion, Ind.; a baby parade in
Cincinnati; a barn dance in Lebanon, Pa., and the ascension of 5,000 toy
balloons in Hartford, Conn."

low country boil
New York Times; Mar 5, 1995; sec 5 p. 10 col 1.
"Like its signature dish, the Low Country Boil -- a mix of sausage,
potatoes, corn on the cob and shrimp in the shell, all dusted with spicy
seasoning -- it is a genuine tast of the not-quite-tame country that
borders the grand old city of Savannah."

low country
(lots of places can be called "low country"; this is the earliest I've
found for the Southern Atlantic coastal region, from which "low country
boil" is named)
A Glimpse of Charleston.
New York Daily Times; Nov 5, 1853; pg. 2 col 5.
"The market affords a very singular spectacle:  abounding in blacks, who
sit throughout it, offering their fruits and poultry for sale, and
speaking their low country dialect."

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