Slang for crystal meth

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Thu Aug 4 02:07:47 UTC 2005

Newsweek  August 8, 2005


Cook: mix over high heat the chemicals used to produce crank

Cook OR cooker: person who performs this task

Meth baby: child born addicted to meth


Fire OR slam:  use a hypodermic to inject meth directly into a vein


Crystal methamphetamine:

Biker's coffee       Hill-billy coke

Chicken feed        Ice

Crystal                    Poor-man's coke

Crank                    Stovetop



"... Crank, so-nicknamed because bikers would hide meth in their
motorcycles' crankcases"

"... Smurfing ..., when [amphetamine cook(er)s] go from store to store
buying or stealing [hundreds of thousands of boxes of Sudafed and other
pseudoephedrine-based drugs]"

-Wilson Gray

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