Lynching redux

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OED believes that an origin in reference Capt. W. Lynch has been "clearly establish[ed]."  His extrajudicial tribunal was evidently set up in Virginia in 1780.


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Yes, it's definitely based on his surname. Whether it refers
specifically to him, however, is a different matter.

Lynchburg was founded by John Lynch. John Lynch was the brother
of Col. Charles Lynch (1736 - 1796), a Virginia planter and vigilante
who is a candidate referent for "Lynch law," according to the Century
Dictionary. Most references favor a different Virginian, Capt. William
Lynch (1742 - 1820).

John Baker

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Okay. So, is it true that the term, "lynching," is based on the surname
of the brother of the man who founded Lynchburg, VA?


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