Doll Talk: CFM; hoohoo (& other) display stands

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Tue Aug 9 13:40:15 UTC 2005

My wife, who collects dolls and makes clothing for them, saw this on one of
her doll forums.

-- Mark A. Mandel
(by hand)

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Describing elegant, fancy, stiletto heel shoes:

It will probably be about a month before I get the prototypes of those -
probably in the same shipment as these sandals. My roommate in college would
have called them CFM shoes... I can't say what that means here or the
moderators would remove the post ;-)

Also, a doll stand:

There are Kaiser stands for dolls. These are manufactured by the Kaiser Mfg.
Co. and are two pieces, with a base the doll stands on, a straight piece at
the back, and an piece that attaches to the base and goes around the doll's
waist, holding her upright. Very secure, and not very visible under wide
skirts, but less popular among fashion doll collectors because it either
ruins the line or is too conspicuous under tighter-fitting modern clothes.

So there is the bicyle seat stand, also call the straddle stand. This is a
base with a straight rod and a kind of bicycle saddle seat on it that you
can balance the doll on. In clear plastic, almost invisible under doll
skirts, barely noticible under pants. Unfortunately, dolls tend to fall off
it. A lot.

So now the Robert Tonner Company has come up with a doll stand that removes
the saddle seat from the straddle stand and places a hole in the bottom of
the doll. [Specifically, in the crotch. -- MAM]

So far, I have mostly seen it called the hoohoo stand, a term first used, I
think, by an Australian doll fan. I have just also seen it called the twitty

Well, apparently the doll doesn't fall off it. But, aside from a minority of
collectors who say the idea of drilling a hole in a doll there seems gross
to them, most collectors do not seem upset about the hole in the doll. Many,
however, do not like the idea of making corresponding holes in the fabric of
undies, panty hose, trousers, etc.

Between its nickname and its intrusion into a collectible doll, I don't
think it's long for the world

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