tweak/tweek (meth, cocaine)

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* tweak/tweek, n. (attrib.) 'meth'

1985 _S.F. Chronicle_ 26 Apr. 32 (Factiva) But a search of the
sour-smelling room reveals a few articles of female attire belonging to
the blond amid an indescribable clutter of trash on the floor, which
includes the glassine envelopes used for methamphetamine. The officers
confiscate a syringe. "He's a tweak freak," the blond says spitefully.
"Tweak freak, tweak freak!"

* tweak/tweek, n. (attrib.) 'cocaine'

1986 _S.F. Chronicle_ 2 July 6 (Factiva) Cocaine sold as free-base is
called "hubba" or "ready rock," they said. When it is mixed with marijuana
and smoked, it becomes "fry daddy" or "chewy." When you go out to buy
cocaine, you're on "a tweek mission."

* tweak/tweek, n. 'hit of cocaine'

1988 _S.F. Chronicle_ 19 Sep. A1 (Factiva) "When crack and the hubbas
(cocaine) came out, that's when things started going down the drain.
People were people, but that drug came out and, my goodness, it's
controlling peoples' lives," she said. "They're on a mission when they get
the first tweak."

* tweaked, ppl. a. 'high on meth'

1985 _L.A. Times_ 4 June (San Diego Co.) V6/1 Other kids seem to look up
to me because I make crystal meth and have been successful at it. ...
Mentally, I'm just about tweaked to the max all the time.

1987 _Atlanta Journal-Constitution_ 1 May C1 (Factiva) Most are so tweaked
on crystal meth, and the tricks that cruise them are so hot for sex, that
nobody does condoms.

* tweaked out, ppl. a. 'high on meth'

1989 _Seattle Times_ 9 July B2 (Factiva) A drug lab used to manufacture
methamphetamines was discovered early yesterday morning after a
47-year-old Tacoma man, whom police described as  "tweaked out," was
arrested nude near his home.

* tweak/tweek, v. 'experience the effects of cocaine; scrounge for cocaine'

1989 _N.Y. Times_ 6 Aug. 20/3 Then there are wounds inflicted with knives,
baseball bats and other weapons when drug users are "tweaking," the street
jargon for the volatile behavior that accompanies crack.

1989 _Portland Oregonian_ 12 Sep. 1 (Factiva) Regardless of the way it is
smoked, crack often leaves its users paranoid, or "tweaking."

1990 _L.A. Times_ 26 Jan. 18 (Proquest) Some waited anxiously for the
policemen to leave so they could "tweek," scrounge the ground for rocks of
cocaine dropped during the raid and overlooked by the officers.

1990 _Orange County Register_ 2 Apr. A1 (Factiva) Lisa was on her hands
and knees, scouring the rug for a sliver of cocaine that fell from her
free-base pipe. Her 6-year-old son, who stood watching, abruptly asked,
"Mom, are you tweeking?"

* tweak/tweek, v. 'experience the effects of meth'

1989 _Portland Oregonian_ 13 Nov. 1 (Factiva) "Tweeker Park," they call
it, for all the "crank" addicts who "tweek" there after staying up for

* tweaker/tweeker, n. 'cocaine addict'

1988 _S.F. Chronicle_ 19 Sep. A1 (Factiva) There are "boomers," "tweakers"
and survivors. The boomers sell crack, the tweakers smoke it and the
survivors stay out of the way.

1988 _S.F. Chronicle_ 19 Sep. A6 (Factiva) To Stan's 16-year-old friend,
John, the worst of the strung-out rock smokers - known as "tweakers" -
looks "like a bloodhound, man" as they walk around with their backs
stooped, searching the ground for fragments of rock discarded during
police raids.

* tweaker/tweeker, n. 'meth addict'

1989 _L.A. Times_ 8 Oct. 1 (Proquest) Methamphetamine ... Users call
themselves "tweakers."

--Ben Zimmer

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