Piero Jose (sandwich name)

Orion Montoya gorion at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 10 19:16:28 UTC 2005

Bill Mullins wrote:

> bag of Fritos chips slit down the side, and with canned chili with beans and
> grated cheese on it.  It was called  a "Pedro".

I've generally heard this called a "frito pie", though frito pie may
also be eaten without the bag.  Initial pokings suggest this goes back
to at least the 50s, though Frito-Lay claims 1932:

(a WSJ article that discusses this)

"According to Frito-Lay lore, Daisy Dean Doolin, mother
of Elmer Doolin, founder of the original Frito company, concocted the first
Frito pie in the kitchen of her San Antonio home in 1932 -- an attempt
to turn leftover chili into something more. Whatever the origins, the pie
had made its way to lunch counters and drive-ins by the 1950s. Now, it
is popular across a wide swath of middle America, prepared by the consumer,
or bought at mall food courts and the like. Some purists simply pour the
fixings into a bag of Fritos and shake."

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