CFM PUMPS, not shoes

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 11 00:36:58 UTC 2005

In a message dated 8/9/05 4:48:54 PM, wilson.gray at RCN.COM writes:

> By coincidence, it was in 1990 that I first heard this term and, FWIW,
> I've heard only the alternate form, "fuck-me shoes."

I have never heard anything but "come-fuck-me-PUMPS"--never shoes. In fact,
it was usually "Joan Crawford come-fuck-me-pumps." But then I first heard this
in the early 1970s, always in gay male conversation. BruceRodgers has "come
fuck me's" in QUEENS' VERNACULAR (1972), but for tight pants, not shoes. That
use I am not familiar with.

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