"Halloo" = "hello," as simple greeting

Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Mon Aug 15 20:18:44 UTC 2005

On Aug 15, 2005, at 11:07 AM, Mullins, Bill wrote:

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>> The StL version also means
>> "defeat utterly" in a sport or a game.
> In my elementary school, if you beat an opponent so bad they didn't
> score anything, you "skunked" them.  This usage is in the OED.  If you
> beat them badly, but they did manage to score one point, you
> "windmilled" them.  Not in OED.  Anyone else ever "windmill" anyone?

Yes, but we used a different word [Damn! Lost my train of thought. I
hate when that happens! The word is gone.] IAC, I agree with you WRT
the use of "skunk."


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