"Between Chuck Schumer and a camera" quotation

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Tue Aug 16 02:23:55 UTC 2005

I just returned from an event at Gracie Mansion ("the mayor's home," not
that billionaire Mike lives there). FWIW, I had a letter-to-the-editor published
in today's New York Sun.
The following was on The Politicker today. It's a little different than was
posted earlier:

National Chuck

The Washington Post has _an  amusing profile_
(http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/14/AR2005081401235.html)  today of Chuck
Schumer in his element. The piece is evidence  of his emergence as a national
player, though the Post seems to think that he's  a bit exotic for Washington.

The piece also includes a favorite Jon  Corzine line:

"Sharing a media market with Chuck Schumer is like sharing  a banana with a
monkey.... Take a little bite of it, and he will throw his own  feces at you."

Posted by Ben _8/15/2005  12:05:00 PM_
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