folk-rock (1964), folk-rocker (1965)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Tue Aug 16 08:16:21 UTC 2005

* folk-rock (OED 1966)

1964 _Chicago Tribune_ 26 July V9/2 Lon Travis has a beat they call a sort
of "folk-rock," at the Scarlet Ribbon on North Clark street.

1964 _L.A. Times_ 16 Aug. 26/4 A new musical show, "Folk Music Revue,"
starring a folk-rock chorus and orchestra group known as The Men will open
Aug. 25 at the Music Box Theater.

1964 _L.A. Times_ 27 Aug. II10/2 The thirteen-member chorus and orchestra
have come up with a brand new formula called folk-rock. ... Folk-rock, as
compounded by The Men, is simply an amalgamation of folk song and

* folk-rocker (not in OED)

1965 _Washington Post_ 31 Oct. G5/2 Besides Dylan, there was ... Dick
Farina, folk-rocker with a dulcimer.

1965 _Washington Post_ 31 Oct. G5/5 At least one "anti" has gone over to
the folk-rockers.

1965 _Oakland Tribune_ 3 Nov. 23/6 (heading) Will folk-rockers save the

--Ben Zimmer

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