"pussy," &c.

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 17 19:52:54 UTC 2005

Thanks, Alison.  The usage in question, though, is exemplified as follows :

          Bungee-jumping with a cord is for pussies [i.e., sissies] !  Personally, I don't need one !

          No plutonium in the chili ?  What kind of pussy [i.e., sissy] recipe is that ?

What does your husband think about these ?  (The lexicon, not the world-view.)


sagehen <sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM> wrote:
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JL writes:
5. For the fellow geezers who can even remember so far back, was there ever
the slightest doubt in your mind that these uses of "pussy" had *nothing
whatever* to with little kitty cats?
My WWII vet husband (b. 1925) has no doubt at all about the common use of
"pussy" in full-blown female sexual connotation at least as early as 1940.
A. Murie

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