case choice by rhyme

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Fri Aug 19 15:28:52 UTC 2005

>--Ben Zimmer  writes:

>On Thu, 11 Aug 2005 15:48:40 -0700, Arnold M. Zwicky
><zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU> wrote:
>>the exigencies of rhyme often result in choices for pronoun case that
>>are quite alien to the people who say, or sing, the rhymes,
The "the exigencies of rhyme" don't account for the case choices in the
epitaph I quoted  earlier (8/7) ( "Her as was has gone from we, Us as is
will go to she"), since the much the same  sentiment could easily have been
expressed  with standard cases, e.g.,
She whose bones we here inter
Will wait for us to follow her
She whom we do here inter
Will wait for us to follow her.

A. Murie

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