"willow pussy"

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 20 01:00:11 UTC 2005

Leon Vincent Almirall was a New Mexico cowboy and rancher who wrote his autobiography in 1956.  He uses the word "willow pussy" on one occasion to describe a weakling.  Obviously, this is on of those dialectal reversals like "peckerwood," but I can't find any other references to it.

1956 Leon V. Almirall _College to Cow Country_ (Caldwell, Ida.: Caxton) [ref to a1918] That, I reckon, is the last we'll see o' that willow pussy.

Question 1. Is anybody familiar with "willow pussy" as a synonym for "pussywillow" ?

Question 2. Has anyone ever heard "willow pussy" used to mean "weakling, sissy" ?  How about "pussywillow" ?


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