Trucking(1929)-in a non-automotive sense

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Sun Aug 21 19:46:06 UTC 2005

OED --Trucking as a dance, 1935.  In cinematography, 1948!   Fred
Shapiro was looking some time ago for a confirmation about "trucking
on down" in 1936.

Interesting article on Hollywood English/slang.  APS online, _The
Bookman_, A Review of Books and Life, (1895-1933);Feb 1929;68,6; p.622

     "Moving in" or "trucking up" means wheeling the camera (on a
small rubber-tired wagon or "dolly") closer to the characters."

Since Hollywood would be a primary source of slang, would it be wrong
to think that if a term like "trucking up" was around in 1929, a term
such as "trucking down" would also exist?

JL--I'd like to know what you or Jesse have on this?

Sam Clements

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