Trucking(1929)-in a non-automotive sense

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Aug 22 00:43:00 UTC 2005

>      "Moving in" or "trucking up" means wheeling the camera (on a
>small rubber-tired wagon or "dolly") closer to the characters."
>Since Hollywood would be a primary source of slang, would it be wrong
>to think that if a term like "trucking up" was around in 1929, a term
>such as "trucking down" would also exist?

I think this inference would be very dubious. This "up" doesn't seem to be
the one which is the opposite of "down". This is like "tighten up"; there
is no "tighten down" or "loosen down". Or maybe like "move up" meaning
"move forward" (opposite is not "move down" but rather "move back").

-- Doug Wilson

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