linguist of the year?

Barnhart barnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Tue Aug 23 17:23:43 UTC 2005

American Dialect Society <ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU> on Tuesday, August 23,
2005 at 1:09 PM -0500 wrote:
>Btw, any list of outstanding linguists that fails to include Eric Hamp
>isn't worth the proverbial hill o' beans.

The whole issue of who is and who ain't "received" is the crux of the
problem.  In my own mind, it's very difficult to be even-handed (let alone
"fair").  I doubt if it's worth opening this can of worms.  In a small
group, a couple of hundred people, it might be workable.  But, there are
thousands of linguists.  Picking out ten or twenty would be a nightmare
I'd rather forego.


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