transport/transfer tubes

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Aug 24 01:11:14 UTC 2005

>  >
>>  Should it be a candidate if it has never actually been used
>>  by the purported euphemizers? I've looked through many dozens
>>  of Web mentions, and they all rely on the unsourced Toronto
>>  Star article, either explicitly or implicitly. People who
>>  actually know something about the topic refer to the
>>  aforementioned "human-remains pouch" as the offical euphemism
>>  for "body bag". The metal container used to transport the
>>  body is known as a "transfer case", or more fully a
>>  "human-remains transfer case".
>I've looked through some military/DoD databases, and come to a similar
>conclusion.  "Transfer/Transport Tubes" (as a euphemism for body bags --
>the phrase does exist in other contexts) ain't real.
>Janes:  Body Bags has 14 cites, T/T T has 0
>Soldiers Magazine (sponsored by U.S. Army) body bags 15, T/T T has 0
>DoD Press Briefings archive:  body bags 13, T/T T has 0
>Google on entire .mil domain: body bags or body bag 300, T/T T has 0

OK, I'm convinced.  Of course, we could try whipping up some usage,
but evidently the Toronto Star already attempted a launch and that
didn't work.


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