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> In my family, Irish twins were any siblings born within the same
> 12-month period. In fact, the phenomenon was passed down in folkloric
> fashion as a justification for mothers to prolong breastfeeding beyond
> the first year.

Just to add another one, "Irish twins" wasn't used that often around me
growing up (Southern Maryland), but when it was it referred to non-twin
siblings born in the same year (not within 12 months)--so, for example,
one born in January 1970 and the other born in November 1970.

I always figured it made sense, since they'd look like twins on some
forms (if only the year of birth was asked for).

I've also heard it more recently (Central Florida) in a way that
*seemed* to be limited to non-twin siblings who end up in the same grade
because their birthdates lie on the same side of the cutoff (i.e., for
this area non-twin siblings both born between 1 September nnnn and 31
August nnnn+1).

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