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Wed Aug 24 15:00:08 UTC 2005

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Gotham Stalls Out
City Journal - Jul 24, 2005
... per square foot of a lease in a Manhattan office building, while in new 
buildings the tax averages $19 per square foot, and in “trophy” buildings like 
the ... 
The great article "Gotham Stalls Out" (by the Manhattan Institute) mentions 
"trophy buildings." This is not to be confused with Elvis Presley's "trophy 
building" where he stored "trophies." A "trophy building" is something like the 
AOL-Time Warner Center.
Any dates for "trophy building"? Does it come from New York City?
COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC: I killed 'em at the debate last night at the Harlem 
Children's Zone on 125th Street. I guarantee there will be no general election 
debate after that!

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