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> Am definitely on the "get your X on" tip.
> "Get your groove on" may be the instigating phrase.
> JL

What about "get one's habits on" from at least the '50's? That's the
oldest documentable example of this form that I know of. I would pin
it down, but I managed to blow up my unbacked-up hard drive and I
haven't had time to restock my data base. In any case, it occurs in
the R&B song, "I Don't Know," by Willie Mabon.

-Wilson Gray

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> If you or your students are tracking the "Get your ___ on" phrasing,
> immortalized in Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On," you will want to know
> about the August 17-24 2005 edition of Boston's Weekly Dig
> ( Everything in this issue is framed in that pattern.
> (The explanation for this is mentioned in the letter from the editor.)
> The cover includes
> Get Your "Get Your _____ On" On
> Get your wiseacre on
> Get your big league crew on
> Get your horrow maven Wes Craven on
> and the table of contents include
> Readers get their irate "how dare you insult Brian Wilson" e-mails on
> Local sports fan gets his hating of scalpers on
> Susan Passoni gets her "depose Jimmy Kelly" on in Southie
> Hippies get their privacy concerns on
> City Hall told to get its green on
> Howard Dean gets his Bean on
> Harvard Lampoon staff gets its botulism scare on
> South End gets its sashimi on
> Get your sweat-absorbing attire on
> Makai Kingdom gets its Chronicles of the Sacred Tomb on
> Get ur freak, swerve and drink on
> Hieroglyphics get their all-star crew on
> Mr. Airplane Man gets their leaving town on
> Major Stars get their brown acid on
> Get Your Defending of Yourself on
> Wes Craven gets his movie not involving dozens of teenage killings on
> (and that's only halfway down the page)
> So if this is your kind of thing, there you go.
> - Steve Kleinedler
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-Wilson Gray

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