"We lift as we climb"

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I was in the Harlem's Children Zone last night for a debate, sponsored by a
Greek fraternal organization. The city council debate occurred before mine.
One  candidate named Yasmin Cornelius ("Say Yas!" her supporters shouted), the
overly  smarmy council candidate endorsed by the New York Times last Sunday,
quoted--I  assume from something:
"We lift as we climb."
We lift as we climb? Isn't that difficult? Where is that from? Does Fred
Shapiro want to have it?
_GreekChat.com Forums - The Psychology of African-American  Success_
... If others notice me, maybe  they will really like my emerging social
self. ... My critique
of the  author's essay is "we have to lift, as we climb" and  I would ...
php?s=3c53b32ab059a9cbf8abad79bea850e1&threadid=16860 - 46k - Supplemental  Result - _Cached_
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_Mattie Udora Richardson - No More Secrets, No More Lies: African  ..._
... adopting the motto from Mary  Church Terrell to "Lift as We Climb" and
Spillers suggests that in the structure Moynihan and others  proposed, ...
muse.jhu.edu/journals/journal_  of_womens_history/v015/15.3richardson.html -
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_Ebony: Blacks in the money: foundation heads manage billions  ..._
"We believe that we lift as  we climb and that without philanthropy, ...
Morris  and
others interviewed for this article say that the world of  philanthropy is ...
www.findarticles.com/p/articles/ mi_m1077/is_10_57/ai_97997624 -  31k -
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_Volume SGML File_
... by the  national motto, "Lifting As We Climb," and became pioneers  ... I
know not where
His islands lift Their fronded ...  noble, holy and great, That others may
join ...
www.alexanderstreet6.com/wasm/  wasmrestricted/doctext/S10010196-D0125.htm -
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_Training in Conscious Awareness - 1955_
Repentance is good, if we repent as we climb and as  we lift. ... At the
moment, others feel  that they are going to be cheated, ...
miriams-well.org/lectures/ConsciousAwareness55.html - 58k - _Cached_
wareness55.html+"we+climb+and+"lift+others"&hl=en&start=3&ie=UTF-8)  -
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February 11, 1955
Repentance is  good, if we repent as we climb and as we lift
_democracycellproject: Susan Sontag Remembered_
the pain of others, she shows us how to be and what to do in a  world that ...
Those who lift while we climb  and those we lift as they climb ...
www.democracycellproject.net/  blog/archives/2004/12/susan_sontag_re.html -
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