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>From Cornell's Making of America database

Scientific American. / New Series, Oct 26, 1867 Volume 17, Issue 17: pp.
p. 260 1 match of 'unwater'

"There are plenty now who can float a railway over a fathom-
less bog, or tunnel two miles under a lake, or span a chasm
half a mile wide at a 'single leap, or unwater a mine drowned
to its uttermost depths, or take a railway and its rolling stock
up an Alpine steep, or put in a pier in a hundred feet of water
and mud, or stop a rushing torrent where a sluice has burst
in treacherous ground, or perform any one of the hundred
miracles which have given such lustre to our profession."

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> From an article about Hurricane Katrina:
> The Army Corps of Engineers and local officials scrambled to
> plug leaks.
> "We need to close the gaps and un-water the city," said John
> Hall, a Corps spokesman.
> http://tinyurl.com/89xav
> I didn't find any google hits for un-water in this sense (drain).
> Russ

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