Shays's Rebellion

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Che's Rebellion? Que pasa?

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I have always assumed that (e.g.) those who pronounce it shayz will
spell it Shays' (although that leaves some ambiguity in transcribing
utterances to writing, I suppose) -- and those who pronounces it
shayz-ez will spell it Shays's.


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>I'm with you on the pronunciation--I've never heard as anything
>other than Shays. I think, though, that maybe it should be Shayzez, or?
>This reminds me of something that I hear quite frequently--
>Jesus'(s) church pronounced as Jesus church. To me it should be
>Jesus-ez church.
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>I teach middle school, and my students are just starting on the
>Constitution. Reading the Constitution is a big challenge for them, and
>I'm always impressed with the questions they ask.
>Today it was about Shays's Rebellion, an event that most history books
>discuss as one of the reasons the country moved from the Articles of
>Confederation to the Constitution. Most books spell it Shays's. The
>leader was Daniel Shays. I have always heard it pronounced Shays not
>We had a good discussion about this, but I could not explain why what I
>think should either be spelled Shays' or pronounced Shay-es isn't. Any

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