"sub" (= substitute) in wrong-ordered whatzit

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Sun Dec 4 03:46:15 UTC 2005

This whole business of _substitute_/_exchange_/_whatever_ with the
wrong order of things to substitute for--it really gets my inner
prescriptivist out, and now I'm seeing it everywhere. I'm not
sure anyone's reported this for the shortened _sub_ yet, so here's
an example I saw a half-hour ago. Please excuse the technicalness
of it; it's from a discussion of how to set up wireless networking
on FreeBSD (a Unix variant):

ifconfig_wi0="inet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask 255.255.255.xxx ssid yourssid
wepmode on weptxkey 1 wepkey 0x.........................."

[deleted JTS]

Couple of notes - sub wi0 for your nic, and I use static.

In the first line "ifconfig_wi0" is an instruction to set up a
network configuration for a device named "wi0", which is for a
kind of wireless card. In the last line, the writer says "sub
wi0 for your nic", meaning "where I say _wi0_, instead use the
device name for your particular network card", so that if you
had a card based on the Atheros chipset you would say

Again, excuse the technicalness, but in short, this line says
"sub OLD for your NEW".

It never ends.

Jesse Sheidlower

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