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Oh, God, you don't suppose "takes" started out as an eggcorn for "text(s)" ?


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Yes -- I've heard it from every newspaper editor I've worked with. One
that's always mystified me, also heard from editors, is "take" as a noun
meaning a certain amount of text, as in "Give me three takes on that by
tomorrow." It supposedly means "one page" of double-spaced typewritten
text, but that always struck me as very vague. In today's world of
computerized word counts, it may have fallen into disuse.

Evan Morris

Fred Shapiro wrote:

> The term "graf," I guess, is journalistese for "paragraph." I don't see
> it in the OED or Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate. Is this a fairly
> common word that has eluded the dictionaries?
> Fred Shapiro
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