"Honeypot (computer)"

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If memory serves, "honeypot" appears in at least one of John Le Carre's
novels (specifically the trilogy beginning with _Tinker Tailor_).  The
meaning was the use of a woman to suborn and/or blackmail a man of interest
to the Secret Service.

However, beware of any spy jargon in John Le Carre, for he has been known
to invent his own rather than to use authentic spy jargon.

Something a little closer to the usage you cite appears in _The Three
Musketeers_.  I can't find my copy, but I recall that in the uncredited
translation I was reading the term used by the translator was "mousetrap".

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> It's new to me.
> http://it.asia1.com.sg/newsdaily/news001_20021210.html
> "Disguised as a computer, a 'honeypot' is actually just an empty shell
> can record a hacker's every move and even help in tracking him down. ...
> Unlike a computer in a home or an office, a 'honeypot' computer's entire
> value lies in being probed, compromised or attacked."
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