Inner Prescriptivism

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Mon Dec 5 14:26:47 UTC 2005

Fred Shapiro wrote:
Jesse Sheidlower just referred in a posting to his "inner prescriptivist." I
notice that it is not uncommon for linguists and lexicographers on this list
to criticize pet-peeve linguistic usages, contrary to the usual
descriptivist ideology of linguistic scholars.  I wonder whether there have
ever been any studies done of closet prescriptivism among linguists. (I did
see a study a few years ago revealing that members of the UCLA English
Department, in their own private reading for pleasure, actually preferred
the literature of dead white European males.)

My inner prescriptivist isn't in a closet; he's off in a separate persona,
who's appeared here numerous times:

-- Dr. Whom, Consulting Linguist, Grammarian,
    Orthoepist, & Philological Busybody
    a.k.a. Mark A. Mandel

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