"America's Finest City" or "Bunglers by the Bay" (San Diego)

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Finest City disgraced
SAN DIEGO - America's Finest City? Not anymore.
Scandal-scarred San Diego admits it now doesn't deserve the  title. It has
quietly dethroned itself and dropped the  self-proclaimed title "America's
Finest City" from its  official Web site.
One of its congressmen just admitted taking $2.4 million in  bribes, the FBI
has investigated City Hall, the mayor  resigned, a $1.37 billion pension
shortfall damaged the city's  credit rating and fueled talk of bankruptcy, and two
councilmen were convicted of taking bribes from a strip club  owner.
"We couldn't stake that claim anymore," said Gina Lew, the  city's director
of public and media affairs. "We were taking  too many hits."
Asked by the local paper for a replacement slogan, readers  suggested:
"Scandalicious," "An Eruption of Corruption," "All  Major Unmarked Bills Accepted
Here" and "Bunglers by the Bay."
The Associated  Press

Originally published on  December 5, 2005

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