Eleventh Commandment of Politics (1966); Pol (1942)

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> Any earlier on this, OED?
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> (OED)
> Colloq. abbrev. of _POLITICIAN_=20
> 1942  _BERREY_ (http://dictionary.oed.com/help/bib/oed2-b2.html#berrey)   &=20
> VAN DEN BARK Amer. Thes. Slang  =C2=A7854/1 Politician,..pol, polly, poly.

Dunno what OED has, but it's been headlinese since at least 1907:

Boston Daily Globe, Aug 9, 1907, p. 1/8
(subheading) Big and Little Pols There.
It was a red-letter day in the history of the club, and many aspirants
for political office were on hand to see that no damage was done [to]
their booms.

--Ben Zimmer

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