F*** with = have sex with?

Dennis R. Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Mon Dec 12 19:15:11 UTC 2005

I don't see "fuck with" = "have sexual intercourse with" as
"idiomatic." I do see "fuck with" as challenge [Don't fuck with me!],
tinker [Stop fucking with that thing!], and tease [Are you just
fucking with me?] as idiomatic. But idioms may marginalize literals
(as "kick the bucket clearly illustrates).


>For me, the idiom "to fuck with" means to tease or jack somebody. In "Gold
>Digger" by Kayne West, though, the lyrics "fuck with" occur, and I can't see
>them meaning anything but "have sex with".
>"From what I heard she got a baby by Busta
>My best friend say she use to fuck with Usher
>I dont care what none of y'all say I still love her"
>Is this a common meaning for this idiom?
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>Benjamin Barrett
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