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_"Social Darwinism",  The Left's New Catchphrase_

Barack Obama introduced the phrase into the political debate yesterday (
(   ), and the it's catching on across the
"sinestrophere" (the left side of the  blogosphere), and will no doubt be of
interest here in New York in 2006:
"It's called the 'Ownership society' in Washington. This isn't the first
time this philosophy has appeared. It used to be called Social Darwinism,"  Obama
said late Saturday at the Democrats meeting at Walt Disney World.
"They have a philosophy they have implemented and that is doing exactly  what
it was designed to do. They basically don't believe in government. They  have
a different philosophy that says, 'We're going to dismantle government',"
Obama said.
Republicans running the federal government believe, "You are on your own to
buy your own health care, to buy your own retirement security ... to buy your
own roads and levees," Obama said, referring to flood barriers that gave way
in New Orleans during Katrina last August.

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She's a left-liberal  ultra-pacifist conspiracy theorist, trafficking in the
looniest and most  discredited of sinestrophere ravings. Which is her right;
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